“In order to create a more caring society, we need to take back our streets, ensure good neighbourliness and take control of dispute resolution in a structured manner. The promotion of a safe and healthy environment is an object of local government. The Peace Committees have a proven track record in addressing the need for constructive community-based dispute resolution.”

The objectives of The Community Peace Programme are to promote human security, to value local knowledge, to grow social capital and to build effective partnerships.  Should you share our vision of 'local knowledge and capacity in action', we would very much like to hear from you.

Our statistics show that at least half of the members interviewed feel their community is a safer place as a result of the programme's work and 62% of them believe that the manner in which conflict is dealt with has made a positive impact.

We believe that over the past decade we have demonstrated that the programme creates community, builds civility and creates social capital through people working together.



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