OUR CODE - A Code of Conduct to promote peaceful solutions

Peace Committees operate according to a Code, which is read at the beginning of a PeaceMaking Gathering.

The purpose of the PeaceMaking Gathering is to help understand and resolve the dispute. The disputants and any other people who can help to resolve the conflict are called together. The role of the Peace Committee members is to facilitate and not to propose any practical solution. The gathering is focused on making a better and more secure future and ensuring that the problem does not happen again. There is no accusation or judging. The disputants are considered as participants in a dispute, not as victims and offenders.

Peace Committee Code

The Code is the set of values which the Peace Committees are committed to.

1. We help to create a safe and secure environment in our Community
2. We respect the South African Constitution
3. We work within the law
4. We do not use force of violence
5. We do not take sides in disputes
6. We work in the community as a co-operative team, not as individuals
7. We follow procedures which are open for the community to see
8. We do not gossip about our work or about other people
9. We are committed in what we do
10. Our aim is to heal, not to hurt

Our code



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